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Preview pictures of new Tomytec items

At a Tomix product meeting last week, the following items were on display as pre-production samples ….


‘The Car Collection’ #4


‘The Diorama Collection’ – Farmhouse D


‘The Diorama Collection’ – Farmhouse E


‘The Diorama Collection’ – Farmhouse F


‘The Trailer Collection’ #2



‘The Truck Collection’ #3


Factory Workers


‘The Diorama Collection’ – factory A (wood working)


‘The Diorama Collection’ – factory B (metal working)


 ‘The Diorama Collection’ – factory C (food processing)


‘Later’ 😀

‘The Machinami Collection’ #6

Some front and back pictures of these nice older style shop/houses.

014.jpg machi4a.jpg

015.jpg machi4b.jpg

017.jpg machi4c.jpg

018.jpg machi4d.jpg

019.jpg machi4e.jpg

016.jpg machi4f.jpg

January 30, 2007 - Posted by | Tomytec


  1. […] Collection’ #6 buildings, but there is nothing more than has already been seen in the JMTN page … […]

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  2. […] style shops and other commercial buildings – you can see the pictures of them already posted here – The buildings, from top to bottom, are […]

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  3. great post, great photos and great products doug.

    all this stuff is just so great. but it makes it difficult when you’ve got limited room on your layout or otherwise have a theme going that the products wouldn’t fit into. for example, i’ve got farmhouses a,b & c but don’t really have any agriculture on my layout! oh well, i’ll fit them in somehow!

    Comment by Mike Bloes | February 1, 2007 | Reply

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