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MicroAce releases for July 2007

Here are the tentative releases that MicroAce plan for July 2007 …..


  • A0521 455 series EC 3 car set ‘Akabee’  (red/gray strip/white curve)
  • A0522 475 series EC 3+3 car set revival express colour type (beige/cream)
  • A2069 Chichibu Railway Deki200 series EL (brown)
  • A2075 Chichibu Railway Deki300 series EL (blue with white stripes)
  • A2086 Chichibu Railway 8x Woki100 + 2x Wokifu100 Limestone wagon 10 car set (black)
  • A2390 Kiha65-600/1000 series DC 3+3 car set ‘Edel Tango / Spur’ Joyful train (white with pink/blue/yellow/green stripes)
  • A2392 Kiha65-700/1700 series DC 2+2 car set ‘Edel Tottori’ Joyful train (white with blue stripe/dark pink front roof)
  • A2450 103-1500 series EC 6 car set (JNR Kyushu area colour – light blue with cream stripe)
  • A2457 103-1500 series EC 3+3 car set (JRKyushu – light gray/dark gray stripe/red doors & ends)
  • A3127 Taki1100 series Cement wagon 8 car set ‘Ube Industries Cement Service’ (pale blue-green) – rerun of 2003 set with different company name


  • A7501 DD16-303 series DL (standard colour)
  • A7502 DD16 series DL with Russell Snowplough

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