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Tomix releases for July 2007

‘New’ releases 

In July, Tomix will re-release the Keihin Toihoku 209-0 series train for the 3rd time !!!

  1. It was first released in 1994 as a 4 car set, and with all cars also available separately.
  2. 6 door cars were added to the train in 1995, but Tomix did not release this car until 2003, and at the same time reconfigured the set to be 7 cars (with the ‘6-door’ logo on the front), with only the Saha209 trailer car now being available separately.
  3. Now it will be released as a 3 car set (92329), as per all the latest releases, a 4 car add-on set (92330), and the Saha209 trailer car (8917 – 3 needed for the full 10 car train). This is a different set in that it matches the lartest version of the train with openable windows.

If you want to read more about the details of the Keihin Tohoku line, please go to this page …

Also being re-released at the same time is the 6 car Nambu line set (92794)


  • 92240 – EF81 series Electric loco + 2x 24-25 series ‘Twilight Express’ sleeper cars
  • 92241 – 24-25 series ‘Twilight Express’ sleeper train 5 car set A
  • 92242 – 24-25 series ‘Twilight Express’ sleeper train 3 car set B
  • 92757 – EF81 series Electric loco + 24-25 series PC 5 car set (ELM)
  • 92261 – E231 series EC ‘Yamanote line’ 2 car add-on A 
  • 92262 – E231 series EC ‘Yamanote line’ 3 car add-on B 

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