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another new Modemo Enoshima release !!!

In July, Modemo will release their 3rd variation of the Enoshima 600 series 2 car set.


Previous versions were the original green/cream version and a later red/cream variation. This one is in the standard green & cream colour scheme as the rebuilt version with 2 headlights that ran up in the 1980’s up until it’s retirement in 1990. It is a standard 2 car set, not an articulated one like most of their rolling stock, as I believe it came from the Tokyu Railway after the expiry of usage on their Tamagawa line.

A good release, if you are modelling that period, which included the introduction of the 1000 & 1500 series sets, but with this one and the re-released 2000 sets coming up in April, other than the new S.K.I.P. colour scheme 1000 series release, I wish they would do something COMPLETELY new, like the 10, 20 and new 500 series cars 🙂

I don’t think I will be adding this one to my Enoshima fleet, which will be featured on my next layout.

Current releases …

600 – 600.gif

1000 SKIP – 1000skip.gif

2000 – 2000.gif

‘Wish List’ …

10 – 10.gif

20 – 20.gif

New 500- n500.gif


March 27, 2007 - Posted by | Enoshima, Modemo

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