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new Kato release announcement

Finally – something (slightly) new from Kato for a change 🙄

In June, they will release the components to make up a version of the ‘Kamome’ (Seagull) passenger train, that ran between Kyoto and Hakata in the late 50’s/early 60’s before it was replaced by Kiha82 sets. This is mainly a re-release of existing items in the standard brown colour, but put together to make this particular formation.

  • 3053 – EF58 series EL
  • 10-290 – 7 car passenger set
  • 10-291 – 3 car passenger add-on

Formation is as follows … Hakata end (←博多)

  1. オハニ36-20 baggage coach
  2. ナロ10-27 first class coach
  3.  ナロ10-25 first class coach
  4. ナロ10-19 first class coach
  5.  オシ17-5 dining car
  6. ナハ11-9 second class coach
  7. ナハ11-3 second class coach
  8. ナハ11-6 second class coach
  9. ナハ11-4 second class coach
  10. ナハフ11-8 second class coach with guards compartment

Kyoto end (京都→) Cars 4,8 & 9 are the ones on the 3 car add-on set.


March 27, 2007 - Posted by | Kato

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