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Kato Hankyu re-releases for June-July

It has been revealed that Kato will re-release their Hankyu 6300 series sets in June or July this year.  

It’s probably because of the many Hankyu releases from Greenmax and MicroAce, so they are trying to cash in on that line’s popularity. The items will be unchanged from previous releases.

  • 10-050 Hankyu 6300 series EC 4 car set
  • 10-051 Hankyu 6300 series EC 4 car addon

The Hankyu Railway ia a private company that runs a competing service to JR West (and other private companies) in the Kansai area, and it’s 3 main lines run from the Umeda terminal just north of the JR Osaka station to Kyoto, Kobe & Takurazuka. The triple double track main lines that leave Umeda and cross the Yodo-gawa River before branching in 3 directions is a superb railfanning location. Their dark maroon colour scheme that is always kept clean and shiny is one of my favourites. They recently merged with another large competitor, the Hanshin Railway.

The 6300 series is a 2 door type car used on express services between Umeda & Kyoto. They were built in 1975 and there are 9x 8 car sets currently in operation.



April 4, 2007 - Posted by | Kato

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  1. Yep, Hankyu always keeps their train cars clean. Even then some are older than 20 years old, you never feel they are.
    When I was in Osaka, Takarazuka line express and Kyoto line limited express trains left Umeda station at 00,15,30,45 and Kobe line limited express trains left there at 00,10,20,30,40,50. So at 00 and 30 in each and every hour from 9-17, 3 trains left there to run straight to Juso over the Yodogawa River which was really fun when you get on one.

    Comment by gamera63 | April 7, 2007 | Reply

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