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Tomix releases for the next couple of months

Tomix have announced the following production schedule from April to August 2007 …

APRIL new releases

  • JNR 485 series EC & Kiro65 ‘Yutopia’ sets & cars
  • JR Kiha183-550 DC sets & cars
  • JR 211-3000 series EC set ‘Boso’ colour

APRIL re-releases

  • DE10 JR Freight set
  • Meitetsu ‘Panorama DX’ EC set

MAY new releases

  • Nagano Dentetsu 1000 series EC set ‘Yukemuri’ (ex Odakyu HiSE10000)
  • JR Kiha183 series DC set ‘Super Tokachi’
  • JR EF65-1000 series EL JR Freight

MAY re-releases

  • JR West 700-3000 series Shinkansen sets & cars  – I hope they have fixed those stupid TS couplers 😦
  • EF81 series EL (2131)
  • Yo8000 series guards van
  • Koki106 series container wagon (gray)
  • Hoki800 series ballast hopper set
  • Koki50000 series container wagon set

JUNE new releases

  • EF81 series EL JR Freight
  • JNR Kiha20/22/25/26 series DC sets & cars

JUNE re-releases

  • 113-2000 series EC sets & cars (Tokaido line)
  • 113-1500 series EC sets & cars (Yokosuka line)
  • Saro124 series double deck Green car (Yokosuka colour)
  • Kiha181 series DC sets & cars
  • E2 series Shinkansen sets ‘Hayate’
  • E3 series Shinkansen set ‘Komachi’

JULY – (nothing announced yet)

AUGUST new releases

  • 583 series EC express sleeper sets & cars (new version)

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