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MicroAce new releases for September

This month there are some new releases AND some re-releases.


In a rare case of some re-releases

  • A0320 D51-398 SL + Ki604 rotary snowplough 2 car set
  • A0327 9600-39679 SL + Ki911 spreader + Yo4556 guards van 3 car set

New releases

  • A0364 Kiha185 series DC 4 car set ‘Island Express Shikoku II’ (silver/blue & pink/purple)
  • A2381 Kiha185 series DC + Kikuha32-501 PC 2 car set ‘Oboke torokko’ (silver/green & green with gold letters)
  • A2382 Kiha185 series DC + Kikuha32-502 PC 2 car set ‘Seto Ohashi torokko’ (silver/green & green with white/blue letters)
  • A2590 201 series EC 7 car set (blue – JR West Kyoto/Kobe line renewal)
  • A2591 201 series EC 8 car set (orange – JR West Osaka Loop line renewal)
  • A2592 201 series EC 6 car set (green – JR West Nara line renewal)
  • A8500 DD51-1 series DL (original brown colour)
  • A8502 DD51-1 series DL (standard red/gray – Akita area)
  • A8529 DD51-3 series DL (standard red/gray with extra fuel tanks)

I think the 201 sets are a waste of time, as these have already been done by Greenmax – another case of one manufacturer trying to cash in on another’s work 😡 The only advantage here is that you don’t have to assemble them, and they will have lights, but are a lot more expensive. However if you are into the JR West Kansai area trains, and don’t fancy assembling a painted kit (Greenmax are often hard to get anyway), they might suit you. But for me they are about 6 months too late – I already have the blue and orange sets, so will not be buying Mr M/A’s versions thank you very much 🙂

April 12, 2007 - Posted by | MicroAce

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