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New Modemo release

Modemo have announced 2 new items for release in August 2007 …

  • NT69 – Keifuku Denki Tetsudo Mobo101 type ‘tram’ (powered)
  • NT70 – Keifuku Denki Tetsudo Mobo101 type ‘tram’ (non-powered)

These will be the first Modemo tram car releases to have head/tail lighting 🙂

The Keifuku Dentetsu is a short (11km using standard gauge track, and some street running) line that runs just west of Kyoto, between Arashiyama & Shinjo-Omiya (the main line is called the Arashiyama line). There is also a short branch line (Kitano line) from Katabiranotsuji to Hakubaicho. It doesn’t appear to go anywhere special, so I guess it just serves local commuters that can transfer to the Hankyu Railway at Saiin or Omiya. Trains most of the time at intervals of 10 minutes. It opened in 1910 and it’s major owner is the Keihin Railway, and apparently they also run the cable car & ropeway that you use if you do the famous Mt Heiei ‘circle’ from Kyoto around to Lake Biwa and back. Here is their web site.

The Mobo type cars were built in 1929, and there are still 6 running in the fleet today – they were rebuilt in 1975 and A/C added in 1990. They have a nicely rounded roof and are pale beige with dark green under the window line. You can see a picture here and here.

You can also have a go driving on this line in Taito’s Densha de Go Ryojouhen.

April 15, 2007 - Posted by | Modemo

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  1. I wouldn’t say the Kitano lines goes no where special. It’s the closest rail line to Ryoan-ji, possibly Kyoto’s most famous zen garden. It also serves a dense, well-off residential neighborhood.

    Comment by Bob Tomasko | April 24, 2007 | Reply

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