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Kato 10-919 201 series EC 4 car set ‘Shikisai’ (4 Seasons) review

This model was released at the end of March, and I am sorry it took so long to do a review 😳

As with the previous version, it is based on a standard 201 4 car set, with a single arm pantograph. So this means that the windows on one side of the car are wrong, however there is a kit available that lets you fix that. The main difference between the two releases is that this one doesn’t have any extra roof details that need to be added – they are already fitted for you, and also some of the lettering on the sticker sheet are now pre-printed on the car (like the car numbers and low A/C signs). So all you have to do is add the destination signs, and the train is ready to run 🙂

It is a little difficult to get the front window out so you can add the destination board, but if you take out the full headlight assembly, it works OK. The lights work quite well at low speeds, the wheels are balckened and the motor car runs smoothly and quietly.

It is interesting to see that the themes of the cars have been reversed, for some unknown reason. By that I mean on the first version, the car that was winter is now the summer car, autumn is spring, summer is autumn and spring is winter. If you want to read more about the train and it’s history, have a look at this page …

It is unfortunate that Kato have made two mistakes with the release of this set …

  1. On the box they printed that the sticker sheet is in one of the car cases, and it is not – it is inside the box itself, so they had to put a blank sticker over the incorrect notice.
  2. Inside the box is a small sheet explaining how the location of the car side destination signs is incorrect, and how to do them correctly.

I think I still prefer the original version – it was a lot more colourful 🙂



April 22, 2007 - Posted by | Kato, model review


  1. Hello out there

    I have the first version from Kato and I am looking for the second version.I would be please dto hear from any one out there that may have a set to sell.
    Thank you

    Comment by Paul Rogers | June 15, 2009 | Reply

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