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Pictures of new Tomytec products for 2nd half 2007

At a recent sales announcement meeting, rumour has it that Tomy are concentrating more on their ‘Hobby’ line of products, and the following new/forthcoming items were presented …

  • ‘The Bus Collection’ #10 – this is due out in August.

Here is a test shot of the 3 types of Hino Serega buses. I think it is the ‘FD’ type at the back, ‘new’ type in the middle, and ‘GD’ type at the front.


And here are the colour schemes for each bus. The list is as follows from top to bottom …

  • Hino Selega GD Super High Decker ‘Donan Bus’
  • Hino Selega 2005 (High Decker) ‘Keihin Bus’
  • Hino Selega GD Super High Decker ‘JR Kanto Bus’
  • Hino Selega FD High Decker ‘Tokyo Kokukotsu Bus’ (the well known ‘Friendly’ Airport Limousine bus)
  • Hino Selega FD High Decker ‘Keio Dentetsu’
  • Hino Selega 2005 (High Decker) ‘Fuji Kyuko’
  • Hino Selega 2005 (High Decker) ‘Ina Bus’
  • Hino Selega GD Super High Decker ‘Nara Kotsu’
  • Hino Selega GD Super High Decker ‘Kintetsu Bus’
  • Hino Selega 2005 (High Decker) ‘Hiroshima Dentetsu’
  • Hino Selega FD High Decker ‘Iyo Testudo Bus’
  • Hino Selega FD High Decker ‘Nangoku Kotsu Bus’


I just wish someone would hurry up and do the Tokyo ‘Hato’ bus 😦

  • Here is a photo of the items in the ‘Tree Collection’s – #2 is on the left and #1 is on the right.


  • No date yet, but the most exciting news is the next release in the ‘Tatemono Collection’ – a full 30cm x 17cm Shinto Shrine complex 🙂


  •  Also good news is some more modern type city buildings in the ‘Machinami Collection’ #7 – they all seem to be 3 floors, but I can see these being kit-bashed a little. Also no date on this one yet, but series #6 isn’t out yet anyway.

Here we have  a couple of useful corner buildings, including a tea room  …


… a couple of restaurants …


… and some amusement (Pachinko?) type buildings.


As I said, there are no release dates on the 2 building sets yet, so no ordering deadline yet either, but you WILL hear about it here FIRST. As already posted, the deadline for ordering the Bus set is April 30.

April 26, 2007 - Posted by | Tomytec


  1. […] modern that the previous releases in the Machinami series. You can see sample pictures of them in this post. As usual, there will be 2 colours of each building type, making a set of 12 buildings. I am sure […]

    Pingback by Tomytec new releases for September 2007 « JMTN blog | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. I think you are right, the left building in the last pic is obviously a pachinko hall. It says “crown” at 2 sides which is often used for a pachinko hall. If that were a bowling center, a huge pin needed at the roof 🙂

    Comment by gamera63 | May 12, 2007 | Reply

  3. Please note that the 2nd entry in the Bus 10 collection is Keikyu Bus, NOT Keihin bus.

    Comment by redracer | April 30, 2007 | Reply

  4. I don’t know (yet). You can see joins in the base, as it is obviously too big to package as a single unit, but wethre each buildings will be sold separately will probably not be known until the official release announcement.

    Comment by redracer | April 27, 2007 | Reply

  5. The shrine looks excellemt. Will it be sold as one or in sections?

    Comment by Malcolm Scoular | April 27, 2007 | Reply

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