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Kato’s ‘revised’ production schedule up to July 2007

Once again Kato have lost track of the plot and had to revise the majority of their planned releases from now until July 🙄

May 8

  • EF65-1000 series EL (JR Freight – 2nd type)
  • 20 series EC set (Sobu line)

‘mid’ May

  • 321 series EC set (JR West)
  • Taki1000 series tanker ‘ENEOS’
  • E217 series EC sets (Yokosuka line)

‘late’ May

  • E4 series TEC sets
  • Kintetsu 10100 series EC (rerun)
  • D51 SL ‘Namekuji’
  • Hoki2200 series hopper
  • EF64-1000 series EL
  • ED79 series EL


  • DF200 series DL’s
  • Seki6000 series FC set
  • Taki1000 series tanker ‘Japan Oil Terminal-Super Oil Express”
  • ‘Kamome’ passenger sets
  • 700 series TEC sets
  • DD51-800 series DL
  • DD51-842 series DL (Imperial)
  • Imperial Train PC 5 car set


  • C57 series SL (standard)
  • C57 series Sl ‘Yamaguchi’
  • 35 series PC’s
  • E531 series EC sets with D/D green cars
  • Hankyu 6300 series EC sets
  • 731 series EC set (JR Hokkaido)
  • Kiha201 series DC set (JR Hokkiado)

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