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Preview of new Tomytec, Kato and Modemo releases

At a hobby show a week or so ago, many new items from all the major manufacturers were previewed. Other than glimpses of samples of soon-to-be-released models, the only major new announcements came from Kato.

Most of the items displayed were things like the new Tomytec ‘Collection’ series, and these have already been previewed on this page, so I will not be adding more pictures of these.


Here is the new Keifuku MoBo101 tram. It even has head/tail lights.


This is the Enoshima ‘S.K.I.P.’ version of the 1000 series.


This is the ‘Aoden’ version of the Enoshima 300 series.


This is the latest version of the Enoshima 600 series.



A sample of the new Shinto Shrine complex was shown, but I don’t think you get the tree !!


I have finally received my trees from Collection #1 (bottom set of 3 in the next picture), and will do a write-up when I ‘build’ them 🙂


A new concept is this new offering from Tomytec – the ‘Build a Showa Model Railway’. This is like the rubbish you see in newsagents constantly, where you subscribe to a series of stuffed toys, or magazines/DVD’s etc and end up paying more than the items are worth in the long run. However in this case it seems that you can have the full thing up and going in 50 weekly instalments for under A$1000, which would even suit a kid’s budget these days. It is around 60 x 45 cm in size.

It doesn’t look like there is any new items being offered – everything looks like previous items from their Machinami series, along with Tomix track components and a special edition controller. 

I doubt these would be available outside Japan, unless you commited to the whole series (I will ask my suppliers), but if you were able to get individual weekly releases, it might be a good way to catch up on Machinami series items that you missed in the past.


Here are some of the buses from Series #10.


Projected items from series #11 is shown here …



Announced the release of a brand new freight car – the  Remu5000.


Here is a mold of their N700 series Shinkansen model.


The advantage of using their new 3-way points is shown here …



On  the heels of Tomix, Kato announced they would do the following new models …

  • N700 series Shinkansen ‘Nozomi’
  • E233 series EC (Chuo line)
  • E3 series Shinkansen ‘Komachi’ – this will couple up to their E2-1000 set, and was first announced in their 1995 catalogue !!! – I am still waiting for their 300X 🙄

Their E4 series Shinkansen sets will finally be out on the 31st of this month.


May 28, 2007 - Posted by | Enoshima, Kato, Modemo, Tomix, Tomytec

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