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New Tomytec items for August

Two new series have been announced, for release in August …

1. The Tree Collection #3

007 – Aspera aphananthe (Muku or Elm) x3 – approx 80mm

008 – Quercus acutissima (Kunugi or Sawtooth Oak) x3 – approx 60mm

009 – Larix kaempferi (Karamatsu or Japanese Larch) x2 – 40 & 50mm 

Must be ordered as a set of 007+008+009 or multiples thereof.

2. The People Collection #4 – 010/011/012 – each of these is a set of 12 Railway or Bus company workers, including drivers/conductors/conductresses and wagon service ladies with their trolleys. Each set has a different colour variation.people1011121.jpg

Must be ordered as a set of 010+011+012 or multiples thereof.

The deadline for ordering either sets is now past.Please write to “tomytec at japanese-trains dot com” to place your order reservation.

June 1, 2007 - Posted by | Tomytec

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