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When will the Kato E4 Shinakansen be released ?

I promised myself I would totally ignore this release, but are now unable to contain myself 🙂

I hope nobody is holding their breath waiting for this release? Originally announced for release in September 2006, this was put back once or twice or thrice or … without an official release date. Here is the sorry history …

  • 20/04/2005 – initial announcement from Tomix
  • 12/05/2005 – initial announcement from Kato
  • 27/04/2006 – out in September 2006
  • 31/05/2006 – reduced to August
  • 04/10/2006 – now November
  • 02/11/2006 – now December
  • 11/11/2006 – Tomix models are released
  • 07/12/2006 – now February 2007
  • 05/02/2007 – now April
  • 04/04/2007 – now May
  • 07/05/2007 – now ‘late May’
  • 23/05/2007 – 31st May 2007 (finally a specific date)
  • 28/05/2007 – now ‘mid June’
  • 05/06/2007 – 12th June 2007

Now we are told that it will be the 12th June – how many of you actually believe that ??? I should be running a book 😆

But I really don’t care – I have had my 3 Tomix E4 sets since they was released in November 2006, and they are fantastic models – I can see no reason to have wanted to wait for Kato to get their act together 🙄

Here is a picture of the model – I sure hope it is worth the wait for anyone who is now well and truly blue in the face 🙂


June 5, 2007 - Posted by | Kato, Tomix


  1. Picked up a full 8 car set (two purchases) of the new Kato E4 Max…..great product and worth the wait for me as DCC is a quick drop in for an almost instant conversion….Three decoders are used, one full function version for the motor and then two light function decoders, one each for both ends. With the addition of an LED interior light kit the set is now ready to operate and makes a neat package all in one Kato “book”.

    Comment by Clifford D. Ward | August 11, 2007 | Reply

  2. I am pleased to say that Kato did in fact release these models on the 12th June.

    They actually did one better than Tomix in that the full 8 car train can fit in one case, whereas for some unknown reason Tomix elected to stay with a 6 car case, and you have two loose cars floating around 😦

    Comment by redracer | June 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. I’m getting younger; for Kato time has stopped. But I still wait for these sets to convert them to DCC like other models I have. Wait (sure) and see (hope).

    Roberto (Italy)

    Comment by Roberto Uggeri | June 11, 2007 | Reply

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