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Releases for the next few months

News just to hand of the releases from Modemo, Kato & Tomix …

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Another Hakone Tozan releases from Modemo in November …

  • NT73 Hakone Tozan Moha1 2 car set ‘tokotokotto Train’

This set was painted in a special livery for about a year from April 1999, and has something to do with sheep, whose heads you will see painted all along the sides 😆



July 5

  • DF200-50 DL
  • Seki6000 FC set
  • Taki1000 tank car with Feather logo

 July 10

  • DD51-842 DL (Imperial use)
  • Imperial 5 car PC set

July (later)

  • EF58 EL ‘Kamome’
  • ‘Kamome’ PC sets
  • DD51-800 DL
  • 500 series TEC 8 car add-on set
  • Kintetsu 10100 series EC 3 car set
  • C57 SL
  • Kilopost #99
  • superelevated Unitrack components


  • C57 SL ‘Yamaguchi’
  • 35 series PC’s
  • E531 series EC Joban line sets
  • Hankyu 6300 series EC sets
  • 731 series EC + Kiha201 series DC (JR Hokkaido)



  • Kiha20 series DC cars & sets
  • 209 series EC sets Keihin Tohoku line
  • EF66 EL + Blue Train set
  • E3 series TEC ‘Komachi’ set
  • EF81 EL + ‘Twilight Express’ PC sets
  • Kilopost #80
  • new train cases


  • 72.73 series EC Senseki line set
  • 209 series EC Nambu line set
  • 583 series EC cars & sets
  • E231-500 series EC Yamanote line sets
  • EF81 EL + ‘Elm’ PC set
  • 3-way points


  • Meitetsu 7000 series EC ‘Panorama Car’ sets
  • EF65-1000 EL
  • Koki200, Koki106, Koki5000 series FC’s
  • 455 (475) series EC sets


  • 113-1500 series EC Yokosuka line sets
  • 113-2000 series EC Tokaido line sets
  • Kiha181 series DC set & cars
  • E2 series TEC ‘Hayate’ sets


  • N700 series TEC sets

Interesting news about the N700 sets is that it will have a several new features, including a new form of ‘all car electrical coupler’ – I am assuming that this means that the couplers will be able to pass the track current through the whole train !!!

I for one are just glad to see that they did not continue using those useless TS couplers, that were on the 700-3000 TEC sets. If they had used them again, I would NOT have bought this item, and would have waited for the Kato version. The fact they are developing a new type of coupler proves that Tomix have admitted they were a faulty design 🙄


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