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New Kato station components

Some nice looking items are rumoured for release in August …

I suspect these will be ‘officially’ announced & previewed at the shows due in late July/August ie ‘Matsuya Ginza’ & ‘JAM’.

A whole new range of modern suburban station & platform components is being released, as follows …

  • 23-118 – Platform accessory set containing waiting room, kiosk, convenience store, elevator + parts & stickers


  • 23-120 – Suburban island platform set with roof  – 2x 248mm sections + 2x 71mm ends


  • 23-121 – Suburban one-sided platform set with ‘V’ roof  – 2x 248mm sections + 2x 71mm ends


  • 23-122 – Suburban overhead station building set with stairs


  • 23-123 – Suburban station overbridge entrance/walkway set


A nice touch is that the platforms have the yellow strips used to aid blind people already molded/printed on the surface. The 23-122 building gives access from the side of the tracks and down to one island platform. The 23-123 set gives you the ability to addon to the station building so you can access another island platform, as well as include another set of side stairs and some walkway extensions.
Photos courtesy Joshinweb.

July 15, 2007 - Posted by | Kato

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