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New Tomix releases

Tomix have announced the release of several new items …

October 2007

  • 2754 –  Koki 5500 series FC – this is a bogie container wagon, and include 4x C21 JNR containers. It will have a see-through body.
  • 2755 –  Koki 5500 series FC – this is the same bogie container wagon without any containers.

December 2007

  • 92792 – 24.25 series PC 7 car set ‘Yumekukan Hokutosei’. The ‘Yumekukan’ is a special 3 car set that is added to rear of regular sleeper trains, and has a luxury sleeper (silver/blue), diner (green) and lounge (red) cars. It was released a few years ago by MicroAce. This set includes the following cars …
    Mani24-500 (new model) + Orohane24-550 + Orohane25-500 + Orone25-100 + Orone25-901 + + Ohafu25-901 + Oshi25-901
  • 92950 – 24.25 series PC 6 car set ‘Yumekukan’ + EF81 series EL. This set includes a loco and has ‘standard’ passenger cars included, as follows …
    EF81-98 + Kani24-500 + Ohanefu25-200 + Ohane25-100 + Orone25-901 + + Ohafu25-901 + Oshi25-901
  • 2712 – Remu 5000 series FC – this is a 4 wheeler refrigerated van, and is white with a wide blue stripe.
  • 0395 – SC type ‘TN’ coupler (black) x24. As far as I can ascertain, this is a type of TN coupler suited for use in exchange of Rapido couplers, in cars like the Remu5000.

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