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new Kato N700 Shinkansen & E233 release (pt 2)

Further news has come to hand regarding these new items …

Features of the N700 Shinkansen model are …

  1. the model WILL feature a tilt mechanism, just like the prototype 🙂
  2. a new type of mechanism will be used to connect the cars together, which will also simulate the full width diaphragms of the prototype 🙂 🙂
  3. it will be equipped with a new type of power unit (with flywheels), that is said to be powerful enough for a full 16 car train

This all sounds very good, and after looking at pictures of Tomix’s pre-production samples on their web page and at recent trade shows, I think the Kato version is going to be superior and worth waiting the extra time for 😆

  • 10-547 – N700 Shinkansen 4 car main set
  • 10-548 – N700 Shinkansen 4 car add-on set
  • 10-549 – N700 Shinkansen 8 car add-on set

The new E233 Chuo line sets will definately be in the 6+4 car variation, so the 4 car set is really a ‘non-powered’ set, not an ‘add-on’ set.

  • 10-541 – E233 series EC 6 car powered set
  • 10-542 – E233 series EC 4 car non-powered set

These are all touted for release in November, as well as the following re-releases …

  • 10-408 – 253 series EC 6 car set ‘Narita Express’
  • 10-409 – 253 series EC 3 car add-on ‘Narita Express’
  • 2006-1 – D51 series SL (standard version)

August 19, 2007 - Posted by | Kato


  1. Yes of course they are different because the 10/276/277/398 sets are the 700 series, and the 10-547/548/549 are the N700 series !!! Main obvious differences are the nose shape, the size of the windows, and the full width diaphragms, as well as the fact that the N700 tilts on curves.

    Tomix’s 700 is a different series (ie 700-3000 as opposed to Kato’s 700-0 series) but the only real differences are the logos, and the colours of the pantograph shields. Their N700 model is technically the same as Kato’s …

    MicroAce does not make a model of either, so you don’t have to worry about them.

    Comment by redracer | December 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. I want to finally get a Shinkansen 700 Nozumi set. My biggest concern is the 10-276 series vs. 10-547 series. The newer model seems to have a different look to it. The headlights are further apart and it looks more square. Is the squareness just me? I’ve ridden the older type (10-276) model and really like the way it looks. Any thoughts on quality, etc? I know I want to buy Kato as opposed to Tomy or Microace.

    Comment by Kevin Zegan | December 10, 2007 | Reply

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