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Toyohashi Railway release from Modemo

For the size of the company, Modemo are announcing a lot of new releases recently …

Just announced is the Mo3502 ‘YAMASA chikuwa’ series tram of the Toyohashi Railway. Toyohashi is a city in Aichi prefecture between Nagoya and Shizuoka, and has an extensive tram network. This is an ex-Tokyo Toden 7000 series unit built in the late 1970’s (which is easy for Modemo to release, as it is mostly just a repaint), and was acquired by the Toyohashi Railway in 1992 I think. ‘YAMASA’ is a company name, and ‘chikuwa’ is a type of fish cake with a hole in the middle from being cooked on a skewer. I guess this is some kind of commerical advertising.

It was painted in the current commemorative colour scheme in 2006 with a vermillion red body and scenes depicting local activities.

  • Modemo NT77 – Toyohashi Railway Mo3502 tram ‘Yamasa chikuwa’ type (powered)


August 25, 2007 - Posted by | Modemo

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