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New Tomix catalog

The new 2007/2008 Tomix catalog is now out 🙂

I was surprised to see that this time it has actually decreased in size – from 452 pages to 420, even though the price did not decrease 😦

The first few pages have several new product features …

  1. Kiha20 DC
  2. Meitetsu 7000 series EC ‘Panorama Car’
  3. 483 series DC  Epxress’ Raicho’

Then there is is a full depth article about the Kiha20 series diesel cars, as well as articles on the new Finetrack products eg 3-way point, and semaphore signals. 

After that, the catalog has the usual sections for track sets, Thomas (STILL showing Gordon as the ‘next’ release), train sets, and then rolling stock, track, structures, HO etc.

With lots more releases since the 2006 catalog, the only was I can see how they cut out 30 pages is by making a lot of the model pictures smaller, and removing a lot of the details shots, diorama scenes & prototype photos. Also many of the older models that have not been available for a long time are now not in the catalog at all, so I guess that means production will not be done again for these sets.

So it is now more just a model catalog, rather than a reference for prototype and model scenery ideas.

New items proposed include …

  • Yo6000 Guard’s van
  • E233 series EC (Chuo line)
  • Kiha40 series DC’s
  • JNR T10 type tank container

The parts section at the back is easier to use, as it has a picture showing what each category listed is eg motors, bogies, couplers etc



October 2, 2007 - Posted by | Tomix

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  1. i’ve also noticed that the new catalog uses thinner paper, in a move that can only point to cost cutting. this is a worrying new trend in u.s. magazines. i hope it doesn’t reach japan, as japanese publications often set the standard for quality.

    Comment by Mike Bloes | October 11, 2007 | Reply

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