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New releases from Modemo for February 2008

Continuing their recent accelerated production output, Modemo have announced 2 new releases from February next year …

Coming on the heels of the Enoshima Railway’s ‘S.K.I.P.’ (stands for ‘Shonan Kamakura Information Promotion’) coloured 1000 series unit, comes the 2nd in the series, ‘S.K.I.P.II’, which is a re-painted 1500 series car, and started operations as such at the end of April this year. Some have said that this is a more attractive colour scheme than the first one, and you can see pictures here and the Enoden official page is here.

The other release is another Tokyu 300 series unit of the Setagaya line, but they have chosen an plain ‘apple’ green coloured one rather than one of the many colourful promotional adverting sets 😦

Of course as I do not have the Setagaya layout any more, this unit is not on my shopping list, but the Enoden one definitely is – now I will definitely have more rolling stock than the prototype 😆

  • Modemo NT79 – Enoshima 1500 type 2 car articulated set ‘S.K.I.P. II’
  • Modemo NT80 – Tokyu 300 type 2 car articulated set

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