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‘Japanese Model Supplies’ 10th anniversary

2008 is the 10th Anniversary of ‘Japanese Model Supplies’, and to celebrate we have an exciting announcement …

Can you believe it has been this long ??  When we started business in 1998, there were very few companies selling Japanese model railway products outside of Japan (only one in the UK that I can think of), and whilst many have come (and also gone !!!) since then, JMS is still the only one that has not had to broaden it’s range into non-Japanese items just to stay in business; so we still deal exclusively in model railway items only. We believe our main advantage over other retailers is that we have full access to the entire range of products that are released in Japan (i.e. we are not affiliated with any particular manufacturer and are not restricted to their products only).

A number of issues have changed things a lot recently. In the last couple of years, eBay has taken a large chunk out of the retail market (particularly from enterprising people within Japan selling to the rest of the world), but these dealers only have a very limited range available, and are not always proficient at handling inquiries both before and after sales. Some of the stories I have heard about items purchased via eBay would make your hair stand on end !!! Also the change in exchange rates has varied a lot in this time, but at the moment is at an all-time high, so this means that items are actually cheaper than they were 10 years ago. For example, when we started, the most expensive set at the time was the new Tomix 400 series ‘Tsubasa’ Shinkansen set, and we priced it at just under $300. The price of that set now after 10 years would be around $260 😆

Over the years we have tried a number of methods of advertising new product announcements …

  • The first was in 2001 when we created the ‘Japanese Model Train News’ Yahoo! discussion group (which is still going – This grew to over 500 members, but was hard to maintain, and did not have an easy way to display pictures.
  • So in 2004 we started the ‘Japanese Model Train News-letter’, which was a web page laid out like a newspaper and come out with a new issue every couple of weeks, or whenever there was an important release announcement. By this stage we were also including new product reviews, including books/magazines & DVD’s. After 2 years & 58 issues, it seemed that there was not enough interest, so it died a natural death – you can see back issues here (
  • In January this year, we decided to use the ‘new’ internet phenomenon of blogs to publish this ‘Japanese Model Train News-letter’, as this method would reach a much wider audience. Since then, it has already had nearly 28,000 hits, and has been very successful, with the best day being 732 hits!!!

In 2006, another Yahoo! discussion group was created for those that may not be into model trains specifically, but were interested in the ‘collectible’ releases from Tomytec and others eg. Bandai (

So to celebrate our milestone, we have decided to offer all previous customers a discount of 10% off our already low prices for the whole of the calendar year 2008 !!! This will apply to all items ordered and paid for during 2008, regardless of the release or delivery date. Please mention this offer when placing your next order …

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