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Most popular posts for 2007

For your edification, here is a list of the most popular posts for 2007 – the first year of this blog …

  1. Racing ahead of the pack, after only ONE MONTH, is the ‘Enoden’ Diorama progress report with a HUGE 1,890. Due to this post, my highest daily viewing was 732 on December 22 🙂
    Following behind was …
  2. 1,085 – New items from all manufacturers – preview pictures in October
  3. 515 – Pictures of new Tomytec products for 2nd half 2007 – including Bus Collection #10, Machinami Collection #7, some trees and the new Shrine Complex
  4. 424 – Preview pictures of new Tomytec items – lots of items at the beginning of the year
  5. 342 – New Tomytec web pages – September

It seems that Tomytec is the most popular topic, followed by previews of new releases from Trade Shows etc.

January 13, 2008 - Posted by | Kato, MicroAce, model review, Modemo, Statistics, Tomix, Tomytec

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