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Modemo Enoden N500 series review

Modemo have released their model of the Enoshima’s Railways latest electric set, the N500 series, and I think this would have to be their best model so far  …

The last of the ‘old’ European styled 500 series was retired in Jan 2003. and the N500 (‘N’ for ‘new’) set first ran in March 2006 – there are 2 sets built so far. It is painted in the most recent colour scheme of dark green & cream with gold striping, and the model reproduces this very faithfully. It is a very attractive, modern-looking train 🙂

The model runs very smoothly & quietly, and this is one of Modemo’s first releases to have working headlights (but not taillights). I hope this trend continues with later releases. Included for addition are some roof details, and a sheet of various destination stickers.

Here are a couple of pictures – one of the model and one of the prototype, but I don’t remember where they came from although I think one is from Modemo’s page.




January 27, 2008 - Posted by | Enoshima, model review, Modemo

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