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ANOTHER Modemo Enoden release !!!

Modemo have announced their next new release, due in July …

This time it is the Meiji Candy advertising version of car set 2003-2053, which was painted in 2007, even though I had never seen a picture of it !!! This is the third Enoden Meiji advertising car that Modemo have done, but the first time they have done a non-standard version of the 2000 series. It is a light blue with lots of pictures on the sides – here is the picture on Modemo’s page, and the only other picture I can find is courtesy of Japanese Wikipedia.


  • Modemo NT86 – 2000 series EC 2 car articulated set ‘Meiji 2007’

Of course this will increase my model fleet by another set, and I am desperate to reduce the total numbers 😦 The following items are for sale, and would be good to increase the size of your own fleet at a modest cost by running these with another powered set …

3x Modemo Enoshima Railway (Enoden) non-powered 2 car articulated sets, as follows …

  • NT40 Enoshima 304 type ‘Chocoden’ (dark brown & cream)
  • NT43 Enoshima 304 type (green & yellow)
  • NT49 Enoshima 2000 type (green & cream)

All have virtually never been used, and have just had the detail parts and destination stickers added.
Replacement retail value of each is around A$85 – sale price = A$60

March 21, 2008 - Posted by | Enoshima, Modemo

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