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New Tomytec for July

Tomy have announced 2 new items in the ‘Structure Collection’ series for release in July …

First off is an old style wooden train shed, with a lean-to on one side. The doors can be opened & closed, and the rear wall can be removed for a run through track. More than one can be connected together to make a longer version (total length is around 16cm). Also included is a vehicle inspection stand. It is available in 2 versions …

  • A1 – Dark brown walls, black roof, dark brown windows
  • A2 – Dark brown walls, black roof, white windows

The other item is a stone freight depot/warehouse and covered platform set, with some boxed/bagged goods included. Again the total length is around 16cm. It is also available in 2 versions …

  • C1 – Light gray roof, red-brown windows. Goods platform roof – black.
  • C2 – Black roof, black windows. Goods platform roof – red-brown.

These items are due for release in JULY, and the deadline date for confirmed orders is 20th April.

Sorry I can’t post any pictures here, because the fuck-wits at WordPress have updated their software, and in 30 years of IT, I have not seem a more badly implemented version upgrade 😡

You can see some pictures here (shed) and here (depot).


April 13, 2008 - Posted by | Tomytec

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