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40,000 pages views !!!!!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that this page had reached 30,000 views 🙂

Thanks to a couple of very popular topics recently, the bean counters have been busier and busier !!!

This blog started at the beginning of 2007, and from the first month has always had over 1,000 views per month. From May 2007, this has risen to over 2,300 per month every month.  It took from January until June to reach the 10,000 mark (6 months), until October 2007 to reach 20,000 & January 2008 to reach 30,000. Highest month was January 2008 with 3,544. The stats for the best ever day’s readership is still 732 page views (December 22, 2007). The most popular post by far still is ‘Enoden’ Diorama progress report with 1,955 reads.

Unfortunately, along with that has come over 19,971 spam comments, but WordPress & Akismet have done a great job in not letting 99.99% of them get though.

Along with the 115 posts have been 122 comments, so I am pleased with that, but I would still like to get more feedback from you the reader, so please don’t hesitate to write back about anything you like that relates to a particular post …

April 24, 2008 - Posted by | Bandai, Greenmax, Kato, Kawai, MicroAce, Modemo, Statistics, Tomix, Tomytec

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