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MicroAce releases for December 2008

MicroAce have announced the release of the following items, tentatively for December ….

  • A3456 – 100-9000 series TEC 8 car set
  • A3457 – 100-9000 series TEC 8 car powered add-on
  • A3652 – 115-3000 series EC 4 car set
  • A3653 – 115-3000 series EC 4 car non-powered set
  • A3950 – 485 series EC 3 car set ‘Silpheed’ + DE10-1701 series DL
  • A3952 – 485 series EC 3 car set ‘NO.DO.KA’
  • A9529 – JNR D51-1002 series SL
  • A9536 – JR East D51-498 series SL

When I first saw the list, I wondered how many more versions of the 100 Shinkansen did we need, but this is the ‘X1’ preproduction version with the small windows, that Tomix originally did an ‘abbreviated’ version of. In this case the model depicts the set as it ran in it’s last days, with the removal of half of the pantographs and ‘JR’ logos. Both sets have a powered car.

The 115 cars are the 2 door version used by JR West in the Hiroshima district between Okayama & Shimonoseki.

‘Silpheed’ is a Joyful train used by JR East in the Niigata area, and could also be pulled on non-electric lines by a DE10 loco in the same livery (both the 3 car set and loco are powered). In 2001 it was remodelled to the ‘NO.DO.KA’ is a Joyful train.

D51-1002 is from the Sakata district and modelled as used during WWII, and this new version of the D51-498 steam loco is the latest used by JR East, with smaller deflectors and no white striping.

You can see pictures of them all on the MicroAce poster here.

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