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New Tomytec items for November

Tomytec have announced 6 new items, for release in November 2008 …

There are 3 new items in the ‘Doriama Collection’ series. Each of them has a base, background wall, tables & chairs for the customers to eat at, and 4 figures. They are as follows …

  • 017 – Stall A – Oden stand
  • 018 – Stall B – Ramen stand
  • 019 – Stall C – Baked Sweet Potato stand & bicycle

There are also 3 new releases in the ‘Car Collection’ series, except this time you know what you are getting – they are not in secret boxes !!! Each set is 4 vehicles an all items are just different coloured versions from previous series, and are as follows …

  • A – from series 1 (mid 1950’s cars) – blue Toyopet Corona, light blue Datsun Bluebird, red Nissan Cedric & gold Prince Gloria
  • B – from series 2 (mid 1970’s cars) – red Toyota Celica XX, silver Nissan Skyline, brown Toyota MarkII & white Nissan Cedric taxi
  • C – from series 3 (mid 1950-60’s cars) – light blue Prince Skyline GT, green Datsun utility, blue Toyota Crown taxi & yellow Toyota Crown station wagon (Roads Authority)

August 9, 2008 - Posted by | Tomytec

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