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Tomytec new releases for December 2008

Tomytec have announced their releases for December 2008, incuding a brand new “Collection” series !!!

Firstly, in the “Building Collection” series, are 3 new items based around a “Buddist” temple, as opposed to the “Shinto” shrine released previously.

  • building A – the main temple hall
  • building B – the temple gate, outdoor bell housing & wishing stand
  • building C – a 5 story pagoda

A sample picture of these items from JAM2008 can be seen here.

To go along with these is a set of figures depicting Buddist priest and temple worshipers & visitors. there does not appear to be any colour variations with this release.

  • Figure Collection #28 – 12 Buddist temple people

The brand new “Sabo Collection” series are replicas of train destination indications from the JNR era. These are printed both sides on stainless steel, and at 1/10 scale work out to around 63x14mm in size. There are 12 different ones in the first release, as well as a secret item.


The deadline for ordering these items is September 10.


September 6, 2008 - Posted by | Tomytec

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