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Tomix N700 Shinkansen model review

Well I finally got rid of my Kato N700 set and replaced it with the Tomix N700-3000 version that had just come out when I was in Japan in December …

You can read about the prototype train and a review of the Kato model HERE.

The Tomix model comes in the following configuration …

  • 92351 – N700-3000 3 car set – cars 1, 5 (powered) & 16 (in cardboard box)
  • 92352 – N700-3000 5 car add-on A  – cars 3, 4, 10, 11 & 14 (in 8 car case with 3 empty slots)
  • 92353 – N700-3000 3 car add-on B – cars 6, 8 & 9 (in cardboard box)
  • 92354 – N700-3000 5 car add-on C – cars 2, 7, 12 (powered), 13 & 15 (in 8 car case with 3 empty slots)

This is a JR Central set, as opposed to the ZO JR West set that Tomix first released (92314/92315/92316/92317). The train is white with 2 dark blue stripes under the windows and light gray underbody details. As usual, Tomix have not painted the roof anti-skid walkways dark gray. Car numbers are printed on the 3 cars in the main set, but all the rest have to added using rub-on lettering. There is a choice of 4 sets of car numbers. You also have to apply the set numbers, yellow car numbers on the roof, red stripes along the roof ends, as well as some red squares on a couple of the cars. All cars have consist numbers, non-smoking signs & the N700 logo finely printed on the sides, but there are no destination signs.

The two powered cars runs smoothly & quietly together, and have a rubber tyre on one wheel on each bogie, so I can’t see any problems with gradients. The big advantage of the Tomix set over the Kato is that their hook/ring couplers now have a power connector included, so that power is transmitted along the full length of the train from all 64 axles !!! I can’t ever see this train stalling because of dirty track Even though the design is slightly different, I am considering adding these bogies to some of my other Tomix Shinkansen sets, to improve running at exhibitions.

These are the power bogies p1147218

This is the non-powered bogie p1147223

These are the mechanisms that sit on top of the non-powered bogie – the silver spring on the ring arm keeps it pushed up against the hook arm to ensure positive electrical contactp1147221

This is what the powered bogies look like joined together p1147225

This is that the non-powered bogies look like joined together p1147224

In the above photo, of course the springs between the bogies and the top part cause the parts to not sit flat, however when attached to the cars, they will give a slight suspension effect.

What the cars look like joined together – I don’t think the lack of an actual simulated full-width diaphragm is really noticeable, especially from a distance p1147226

The wheel sets are not blackened, but you can hardly see them behind the low car sides. The bogies are a little harder than usual to get on the rails because the couplers now have a slight swivel mechanism attached, so even once the cars are on the track, you have to line up the couplers before they will join correctly. The end cars have reversible head & tail lights, although the headlights are more blue than I would like.

It may cost a little more, and you have to do more work with the lettering etc, but I think the Tomix version is a better investment than the Kato, particularly for it pulling power and the reliability of the couplers & electrical pickup.


January 14, 2009 - Posted by | Kato, model review, Tomix


  1. hi,
    would you know what the part# of the non-powered bogie is ??, or if u were able to get it from someplace ??

    I’m able to find the connectors & the powered bogie #s on the sheet that came with my shinkansen, but not that one

    Comment by Sid | January 9, 2012 | Reply

    • Unfortunately, Tomix have not sold any of the unpowered bogies for the sets with the new electrical coupling system. They only sell the powered ones as you have found already 😦

      Comment by redracer | January 9, 2012 | Reply

      • blah 😦

        would you be able to tell me if the tomix dr. yellow cleaning car will couple with the power coupling shinkansen ??
        I would like to see if i can modify the 35th anniv one to run with my shinkansen

        Also, does the shinkansen power car pull/push the tomix 6493 comfortably ??

        Comment by Sid | January 11, 2012

      • The earlier Shinkansen couplers and the new power conducting couplers will couple up together OK, but you may need to to a ‘little’ cutting of the older type to get a good connection.

        I have used the Dr Yellow cleaning car (sometimes two of them) with the 923 set, and it runs OK. There is no reason why any power car should not propel it Ok the same as a standalone loco.

        Comment by redracer | January 11, 2012

      • ah ok – that was going to be my next question 🙂 – if u’ve used 2 cleaning cars in a shinkansen train with 1 motor car

        so u have 2 dr. yellow cleaning cars 😀 – or did u convert a normal one to run in this train ??
        would u recommend pushing or pulling ??

        thx for taking the time to answer my questions

        Comment by Sid | January 11, 2012

  2. […] JAN 2009 UPDATE – see HERE for a review of the Tomix version […]

    Pingback by Kato N700 Shinkansen model review « JMTN blog | October 24, 2009 | Reply

  3. I never expected that tomix is so this good!!

    Comment by fadhlI | September 15, 2009 | Reply

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