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Tomytec new releases for June 2009

This month’s releases include some nice new buildings, and a new ‘Car Collection’ …

First off is ‘The Car Collection’ #7, which like #5 is actually a series of small trucks & vans 🙂

This one contains 4 different vehicles, in 3 colours each, for a total of 12 different items + (I believe) 4 ‘secret’ ones !!!

  • 1973 Nissan ‘Caravan’ van – white, blue & Ambulance car7-nissan
  • 1975 Honda TN-7 light truck – white, green & light blue with canopy car7-honda
  • 1999 Mazda ‘Bongo’ van – silver, white & Police car7-mazda
  • Subaru ‘Samba’ light truck -white/red with load, silver & white car7-subaru

Next is a series of small modern houses, of the ‘ready-for-sale’ type – you see these being built everywhere in Japan in outlying suburban areas.

  • Set ‘A’ – 2 houses with brown & gray roofs readymadehousea
  • Set ‘B’ – 2 houses with light blue & red roofs readymadehouseb

Each 2-storey house is on a base of around 6×6 cm and includes a small yard/footpath.

This picture shows how you can group them together. houses-ab

Pre-order DEADLINE is MARCH 15 !!!


March 6, 2009 - Posted by | Tomytec

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