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New Tomytec releases for July

Tomy have announced a swag of new items, for release in late July or August …

First off is the 3rd in ‘The Trailer Collection’ series. This set will contain 10 items, including 8 Mitsubishi ‘Fuso’ or Nissan ‘Big Sam’ prime movers with triple axle skels with 40′ Hi-cube container from companies like ‘K’ Line, Cosco, MOL, Maersk, NYK etc, as well as 2 long-load configurations – one for poles & one of which would be perfect to load a railway car on.


Next is a series of items in ‘The Scenery Collection’ …

  • 027 – Tunnel Portal A (stone) – includes 2 single track portals each for straight & curved track + 4 abutments
  • 028 – Tunnel Portal B (brick) – as above
  • 029 – Electricity pole set – 3 poles with a transformer & 9 poles without
  • 030 – Bon Odori Festival stall – includes 12 dancers & 2 drummers

To go with the above stall are three sets of dancing figures …

  • ‘The Figure Collection’ 32/33/34 – three different coloured sets of 12 Bon Odori dancers in traditional robes

Pre-order deadline date is 15th APRIL !!!

April 9, 2009 - Posted by | Tomytec

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