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Preview of new Tomytec items

At a recent Tomy sales meeting, the following new Tomytec & Tomix items were shown and/or announced …


  • Nissan U20A 12′ container (due July) 3131-nissan-container
  • 4 more semaphore signals (due October) new-semaphore
  • revamped overhead wiring supports – this time the single and double track are sold separately, and you don’t need to attach the top section to the poles 🙂 (due June) new-overhead
  • parts of the new ‘Wide PC’ rail system new-wide-track
  • which also tilts tomix-cant-track
  • O series ‘Sayonara Hikari’ limited edition 6 car set (due November) 92963-sayonara-0
  • Tokaido line E233-3000 set (would go well running with the equally rare Kato E217 Tokaido line set !!!) (due November) 92376-e233-3000


  • Obon festival tower obon
  • Cement apartment block B mortar-apartment
  • Wooden apartment building C wooden-apartment
  • instalment house set A  instalment-house-2
  • instalment house set B instalment-house-1
  • new interior lighting system lighting-unit
  • stone & brick tunnel portals tunnels
  • Toyama tram(yes it’s N scale, even though some tried to claim recently it was HO !!!)  toyama-tram
  • ‘The Trailer Collection’ #3 trailer-3a
  • ‘The Car Collection’ #7 – Honda TN-7 car-7-honda
  • ‘The Car Collection’ #7 – Subaru ‘Samba’ car-7-subaru
  • ‘The Car Collection’ #7 – Nissan ‘Caravan’ car-7-nissan
  • ‘The Car Collection’ #7 – Mazda ‘Bongo’ van car-7-mazda
  • a new ‘Collection’ – a moveable destination sign !!! desto

April 18, 2009 - Posted by | Kato, Tomix, Tomytec


  1. You can look on their web page to see if there is any contact details.

    Even though they did a new Thomas item every year at first, there hasn’t been any new releases for several years, even though Gordon has always been shown in the catalog as the ‘next’ release.

    Comment by redracer | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi, is there anyway Tomix can be contacted via E-mail.? As I would like to ask if they shall be making any more models from the Thomas The Tank Engine range,besides the 4 engines they already have..?? Regards Paul Savage.

    Comment by Paul Savage | July 20, 2009 | Reply

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