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More Greenmax city building samples

Here is another building I have made from the new Greenmax kit, as well as some other samples from them …

I wanted to have a building that could be ‘multi-purpose’, and because of it’s positioning on the layout you cannot see the front and back at the same time. So I decided to make the front and back different, so that I could choose to display an apartment type building, or an office type building, just by turning it around !!!

Because of the lack of extra windows/doors etc, I ordered some sprues of the window/door parts from Greenmax. This means I was not restricted to having to use up all the part in the kit to fill the wall space, even if I didn’t ‘like’ those parts.

This 10 floor building uses 2 base kits one behind each other, and another base kit as the first smaller upper floor. Then on top of that are the upper floor parts from the 3 base kits, plus one more pair of upper floors from the extra parts supplied by Greenmax.

I have found it is very difficult to get a nice smooth wall finish with all the individual panels. I think the best way to achieve this is to make up each wall section first, and when you glue the panels on, lay it face down on a flat surface with a weight on top. Then assemble the 4 walls together – this is opposite to the way Greenmax suggest you do it on the instruction sheet.

P5317580 This photos shows the ‘apartment’ side of the building. I think they must be luxury 2-floor apartments, as there is only a balcony on every 2nd floor 🙂

P5317581 This photos show the ‘office’ side of the building. A lot plainer.

P5317583 The front of the ‘apartment’ side’. I used some extra Greenmax cooling towers from their earlier kits.

P5317584 The front of the ‘office’ side. The garden bed came from Kato.

P5317582 The roof structure supplied with the kit is a little plain, and also too large for the standard roof size. Here I have used a part of a Kato Diotown building, as well as some other bits and pieces found in the junk box. As before, I made one of the balcony doors open.

(the Greenmax samples section have been moved to a new post)


May 31, 2009 - Posted by | Greenmax, model review

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  1. I’ve had similar difficulty with getting the wall panels to sit nice and flat…complicated by the fact that I painted them prior to assembly, so they’re a little bit thicker (some light sanding took care of this however). In general, this was a great concept from Greenmax, but I am sort of left feeling like they could have done more with it. More wall panel/facade options would have been nice (or at least more of the same pieces so that you had more options for the look you wanted).

    Comment by Jerry | June 6, 2009 | Reply

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