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‘Enoshima’ gets a new Freeway

There have been more changes made to Enoshima, in time for the Newcastle exhibition this weekend …

With all the new Tomytec vehicles coming out, I needed somewhere to put them, and the ground level roads on the layout were already ‘full’ !!!

So I decided to put in another section of overhead freeway, similar to the one that runs along the back of the city section to hide where the bullet train track disappear to the storage yards. Once again I have used some leftover Kato double overhead track pieces, replacing the track section with a flat road base. As this one is closer to the front of the layout, I added road markings and a center guard rail, as well as lights and signboards. At one end the road disappears into the backdrop behind the tall skyscrapers, and the other end hangs in limbo at the side of the layout. A small number of buildings had to be demolished or moved slightly to fit the roadway in. The uprights were just made from pieces of scrap wood and painted a dirty concrete colour. I also weathered the sides of the road walls – it looks good enough that I may have to do the same to all the overhead rail track (later) as well 🙂

P8138928m Here are a ‘before’ photo, and it’s not so clear as I had to take it from outside the room through the window – there’s not enough room next to the layout INSIDE the room to get back far enough for photos 🙂 …

P8238939m … and the final result before opening day and it becomes clogged with buses, cars & trucks !!!

P8238937m P8238940m Here are a couple of shots from the front, showing the multi-level aspect that is very common in Japanese citys.

August 24, 2009 - Posted by | Enoshima, Kato, Tomytec


  1. sorry….make that WEST to Katasi…..sheesh

    Comment by Joe | August 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. I rode the line last month, and was very sorry to see that the section of track from coming out of the valley heading east to Katasi is now almost totally blocked from the beach view by building. The famous view of so much Japanese art is now only visible from the road or the beach. Dami-daiyo.

    Comment by Joe | August 24, 2009 | Reply

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