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Greenmax’s own Business Buildings kit samples

At recent Hobby Exhibitions, Greenmax had some ambitious (and expensive) samples on display to show what can be done with their new Business Buildings kit …

Many of these buildings need dozens of kits to make them, but of course they have an infinite number of parts at their disposal, unlike us mere mortals 😀

1. This one is a large office building with a central courtyard garden. It is made from 9 base sets and 10 addon sets, and all the walls have been hand painted to give a speckled effect. Notice how they are happy to use Kato’s Diotown road bases and accessories.

P7257758m P7267821m P7267823m P7267822m

2. This one is an 18 floor skyscraper that predominately uses the double floor window sections. In my posts relating to the 3 buildings I have built using this kit (so far), I have been critical about the number supplied and uselessness of this part, and in my recent 2 weeks in Japan, I consciously looked around to see if I could see any examples of this type of architecture feature in any buildings, and didn’t see ONE !!!!

This building is made from 12 base sets and 15 addon sets (imagine how many small window pieces were left over!!), and has a heliport on the roof.

P7267829m P7267830m P7267831m P7267832m

3. Just the front entrance sections from 20 base kits were used to make this multi-story parking garage !!!


4. Three of each of the brown & beige base kits were used to make this collections of smaller buildings. I find their mixture of both colours in one building a little strange. There are quite a lot of unusual uses for some of the parts on these buildings.

P7267839m P7267837m P7267837m P7267834m P7267836m P7267833m

5. This building is like a bus terminal in Nagoya, with the Meitetsu line running behind. It uses 6 base sets and 9 addon sets. I am not sure if those totals are just for the main building or include the two on either side as well. There are also some other older Greenmax buildings on the block.

P7267825m P7267826m P7267824m P7257765m

6. As couple of other buildings seen on display or as part of other dioramas …

P7267819m P7267808m P7267807m

Some interesting ideas to be taken from some of these samples, and I’m glad to see that Greenmax have had trouble in some instances getting the wall sections to sit flat, as I have had 🙂

I showed Greenmax the photos I had at that stage of my Toyoko Inn using the same kit, and they were impressed. It is now finished and you can see the final results here. Please note that Japanese Model Supplies can get the extra sprue pieces from these kits, if you need more of certain sections to finish one of your original creations.


September 5, 2009 - Posted by | Greenmax, model review

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