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New products from all the manufacturers

A number of exciting new releases were announced over the weekend at the 49th All Japan Model Hobby Show …

This large show held around this time each year often has the major manufacturers announcing some brand new releases for the next year, and this time we were not disappointed !!!


Probably not the only one, but certainly the first to announce they will do a model of  the JRE E259 ‘Narita Express’ !!! They also announced models of the JR Hokkaido 183 diesel cars sets ‘Okhotsk’, and a new series of 24 type passenger cars for the ‘Asakaze’. There will also be a new catalog in November, as well as a ‘Parts Catalog’.

TOMIX E259 tomix cat tomix parts

For Tomytec, there was also a preview of a tram roadway track system (competition to Kato’s Unitram !!) as well as a running bus & roadway system for their ‘Bus Collection’ models. A new controller based on the JNR 101 series was also announced – this one has all the gauges, throttle/brake handles and other features of the prototype. Following in the footsteps of others, there will also be a ‘Construction Vehicle Collection’, the first to include a large bulldozer, power shovel and 2 types of cranes. They look better than the Maruka and Prohobby sets already released. Bus Collection #15 will be Mitsubishi Fuso PKG-MP35UM ‘Aerostar’ & Isuzu K-CJM500 models.

tomix tram track tomix bus1 tomix bus2 tomix 101 controller tomy construction1

Not sure what this one is supposed to be (yet) …

tomix concept


Announced a 90 degree crossing for their Unitram system. They will also re-release the 100 series ‘Grand Hikari’ shinkansen, the 900 series Kirara trams, the C11 & 30 series passenger cars, plus a new version of the EF15 electric loco.


After having seen 2 newly painted car sets running on the Enoden in July/August, I wondered how long before Modemo would release them as models, and I didn’t have to wait long !!!

NT108 – Enoden 1100 series 2 car set ‘S.K.I.P. III’

NT109 – Enoden 1500 series 2 car set ‘Sunline 2009’

Here are pictures I took of the real SKIP P7318262m & Sunline P7318162m

After getting these, I will definitely have more rolling stock than the prototype’s fleet  🙄

Others like MicroAce & Greenmax had samples of many future model releases on display, but didn’t announce any new products as such other than MicroAce saying they would re-release the 283 Ocean Arrow sets  – hopefully with better couplers than last time 🙂

I will try to add pictures of some of these items as soon as I can, once I have edited them …

PS – sorry I have not updated this blog for such a long time (even though it is still getting 100-200 hits per day !!!), but i do have other lives, and have also been busy …

  1. making major changes to the current ‘Enoshima’ layout and getting it ready to take to 2 exhibitions in JAPAN next year 🙂
  2. planning the NEXT layout, the subject and content of which will be a surprise to most people (my web page may give you some clues) 🙂 🙂

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