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Tomix to re-release 300 Shinkansen :-)

The 300 series Shinkansen is one of my favourites, and Tomix have announced that they will re-release it next year …

The original release way back in 1992 was a 7 car set, and then it took until October 1997 for a 3 car add-on to be released as well as extra powered and 2 un-powered cars. Even then, anyone’s maths will tell you that 7+3+1+1 does not = 16 😩  Unfortunately a number of the cars were not modelled correctly, like the way the original 100 series Shinkansen train was done. When the ‘Sayonara 100’ set was announced, all the correct cars were included, and this continued when the standard ‘X’ & ‘G’ 100 sets were done. Now it seems that Tomix has seen the light and realises that modellers want CORRECT cars and configurations, and are doing the 300 series properly as well. I was anticipating that this might happen years in the future when they did a ‘Sayonara 300’ set, but fortunately is has come quicker than that 🙂

The new release is made up of the following …

  • 92808 – 6 car powered main set (in book-case)
  • 92809 – 4 car add-on A
  • 92810 – 6 car add-on B with extra power car (in book-case)

Features include flywheel drive, single arm pantographs (sounds like the later version of the train with 700 type shields) and the latest power-conducting couplers. The 329,  329-500,  315,  326-400 &  319 cars that were ‘simulated’ before will now be done correctly.

The configuration  will be (from Hakata end) …

  1. 323 – main set
  2. 325 – add-on B
  3. 329 – main set
  4. 326 – add-on B
  5. 325-500 – add-on B
  6. 328 – main set (powered)
  7. 326-400 – add-on A
  8. 315- add-on A
  9. 319 – add-on B
  10. 316 – main set
  11. 325-700 – add-on B
  12. 328 – add-on B (powered)
  13. 326-500 – add-on A
  14. 325- add-on A
  15. 329-500 – main set
  16. 322 – main set

As I have 2 of the original full 16 car sets and may wish to upgrade, I am willing to sell them for a good price if you don’t think it absolutely necessary to have the latest release (the re-release is a lot more expensive than the older version). Both of these have the old style pantograph shields – one set has 2 and the other set has the earlier version with 3 shields with the extra one on the center Green cars. Please comment if you are interested.


November 18, 2009 - Posted by | Tomix


  1. Thank’s for config infos!
    Again, like the renewed 100 series, you can’t buy one box with only the correct cars you need to complete the old set (part of new cars in set A, B and in base set, fuck..)
    I hope the rooftop/chassis coupling has not modified, so I can use my old set to donate rooftop with panto and I use the lower chassis to complete one of my WIN350 Craft sets
    (and maybe try to kitbashing the head cars like J0/1 prototype..)

    p.s. how much for each set??? (3 panto config is better)


    Comment by Massimo Biolcati | November 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the prompt info.
    A good new should also be Tomix will release in single boxes the new tooling right cars to update the old version trainset. According to this announcement, these cars will be delivered in the three sets (main, A and B).
    As far as I know, none of the new and old cars have pantographs and the new type of electrical bogies is not a problem (in case, old bogies could be moved on new cars).
    Best regards

    Comment by Roberto Uggeri | November 18, 2009 | Reply

    • Sorry, but that won’t be happening – even if you buy just the addon sets you do not get the two new 329 cars !!!

      How does the train run if none of the cars have pantographs ???

      Changing the bogies is a good theory, but they have not been made available as separate items from the N700, so don’t hold your breath about these either …

      Comment by redracer | November 19, 2009 | Reply

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