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Tomix’s answer to Kato’s ‘Unitram system’ (updated)

Tomix has reacted to the interest in Kato’s new ‘Unitram’ system by announcing further releases in their street trackage components, and also by introducing some new vehicles …

Even though Tomix was the first to release a street trackage system, as this item was numbered ‘1’, they were obviously going to expand on the range in the future. The first release (3076 ‘Tram Rail Parts Kit 1’) came with a concrete brick type surface for 140mm straight and the 3 mini-curve sections of track, as well as some fill-in pieces for the mini-points. It also included 4 light poles and a tram-stop shelter.

Part ‘2’ (3079 ‘Tram Rail Parts Kit 2’), due for release supposedly in March 2010, will use an asphalt-based street surface and contains the following items (what parts are on each ‘runner’ and pictures of them will be supplied when they are known, but they do sound the same as what came in the 2076 set) …

  • 2x straight road runner
  • 3x curved road runner A
  • 3x curved road runner B
  • 1x point runner
  • 1x wire pole runner
  • 2x base plate runner

The extra vehicles announced are all designs based on the Toyama City TLR0600 – the Kumamoto City 800 , Okayama City 9200 “MOMO’, & Toyama Manyo-sen MLRV1000 “Ai-Tram” types. These are all supposed to be due out in March 2010.

An interesting announcement was the proposal to release a moving bus roadway system !!! This would incorporate a mechanism that will fit inside any vehicle from ‘The Bus Collection’ and run along a roadway section which has sensors built-in underneath.

The new ‘Wide Tram Rail’ system initially will contain the following items …

  • 70mm single track straight section
  • 140mm single track straight section
  • 103mm single track 30 deg curved section
  • 103mm single track 60 deg curved section
  • 140mm single track 30 deg curved section
  • 140mm single track 60 deg curved section
  • 177mm single track 30 deg curved section
  • 177mm single track 60 deg curved section

The three curves will fit together to make a triple track curve, and having the straight pieces as single track also makes the system more versatile, as you are not restricted to just having double track like Kato. The only real disadvantage is the wide 37mm track centres.

Here are some samples of the new models ….

December 28, 2009 - Posted by | Kato, Tomix, Tomytec


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  3. Good news, saw the Kato tramline at the On Trax exhibition in Utrecht (NL). Just what I needed, bit with the Tomix track I can anlarge it and combine it with Faller roadsystem

    Comment by jan | March 4, 2010 | Reply

  4. Argh! Just when I thought I had all the pieces I needed to complete my tram line, Tomix announces this! 🙂

    Seriously, this is good news, its great to see this neglected area of the hobby getting some attention. Thanks for posting and keeping me up with the latest news!

    Comment by quinntopia | December 29, 2009 | Reply

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