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Tomix 4103/4104 buildings under elevated track

These two items were first released in 2002, and at first I really didn’t really know what to do with them …

The two items were released as follows …

  • 4103 Building set A to fit under double elevated track
  • 4104 Building set B to fit under double elevated track

… and are basically variants on the same theme, with different details. As these are made to fit around the Tomix 3041/3047 double track piers, you get 4 different ground and upper floors for both the fronts and backs, as well as 4 different ends. There is also a sticker sheet of shop signs. Some of the wall sections have air conditioners, exhaust vents or vending machines on them. Unfortunately, all the front wall sections are a pale yellow colour, so there is not much variety (the others sides are gray). Some sections have small items painted in different colours (bins, vents, awnings etc).

As stand alone items, they don’t really look very good, because why would there be just two shops together under the tracks that are then separated by a road? Real estate space  is at a premium in Japan, so every space is used as much as possible. I saw some pictures of these someone had used on another web page (link), and you can see how it doesn’t look right with gaps between each set of buildings. The other thing is that in most cases you can only see one side of these structures, so half the wall parts (and even the ends) are wasted !!!

So I decided to use these as part of my shinkansen viaduct track in the city area, and because it is curved I can also fit the ends sections in the spaces BETWEEN the viaduct supports. As I am using the Tomix 1169 largest 502/539mm radius track sections, the transitions between the straight concrete supports are not too noticeable and you can’t really see very much that it is a stepped arrangement and not smoothly curved following the track line. Luckily I had just enough wall and end sections to do the whole length of track in question. While the layout is in renovation stage, you can see this area alot better than when there are buildings in front of it, so it was a good time to take some photos to illustrate what I did.

First thing I did was to paint all of the sections different colours (usually at least two the same so I had a matching colour upper and lower floor pair). The ends sections I kept gray, but different shades of gray 🙂

I then painted more of the details, like the air conditioners and exhaust vents and then added more signs – most actually came from the Tomix 4048/4049/4050/4051 building kits. From left to right, there are 23 different shops, and here is how it came out …

March 6, 2010 - Posted by | Enoshima, Tomix


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