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Quick Greenmax kit tutorial

After having put together my umpteenth Greenmax kit, I though I would photo-document the process …

The main idea is to get all the parts ready and painted BEFORE assembly, and most important is to make sure you mark which cars the parts belong to and which direction they should face.

Most Greenmax kits are fairly basic, and if you put together an airplane or tank kit when you were a kid, then you can do one of these. They usually consist of a car body floor, roof, underbody details, roof details and the body can be either one-piece or 4 separate walls. Some kits come with the specific bogies & pantographs and a power unit with bogies to match – others you have to acquire these items yourself.

The kit I am using is a Keikyu 700 series suburban 4 car set.

Small parts are best painted before cutting them off the sprue – here you can see the roof & underbody parts painted a light gray.

Next you can see the floor pieces have been marked underneath with their car number & orientation. The floors for cars 3 & 4 are up the right way and you can see the weight that sits in a recess between the floor & the seats.

Here you can see the roofs have been painted a darker gray, and also number appropriately.

This kit had a one piece body, which makes it easier than trying to line up the 2 wall & 2 end pieces. The best way to do that is to glue them together with the floor and/or roof piece inside to keep it square, and put a rubber band around the outside to hold the walls together until the glue sets. You also have to make sure you use the right parts, and the end pieces sometimes have different details. here I have painted the bodys white.

Next assemble the underbody parts, making sure they are on the right car and the right side. With this one I had to shorten the blocks of detail parts, as the 700 cars are a little shorter than the cars these standard details are made for.

The bogies just clip into the holes in the floor, so here you can see everything underneath finished.

The details parts like A/C, antennas & pantographs can now be added to the roof. I placed all the parts together just to see how they looked.

The bodys has been masked with 1mm tape, and then painted with Greenmax Keikyu Red. Take then tape off, and you get the white stripe 🙂

Finished !!! Actually the lettering still has to be applied …

March 13, 2010 - Posted by | Greenmax


  1. I came across your interesting site. Well done!
    Can you just give me a hint who in your country might be able to supply me t w o photosof streamkined JNR classs C5520/5540 locomotives?
    Many thanks
    A. von Hornstein
    Basle, Switzerland

    Comment by Tony von Hornstein | September 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thanks so much for that information it is a great help i had spent hours trying to find the correct railway lines colours etc. Much appreciated Cheers Jim

    Comment by Jimmy | June 15, 2010 | Reply

  3. I found this article very informative as I usually purchase Kato and Tomix models plus other RTR. Last weekend June 2010, at the toy swap meet in Adelaide I purchased a (few) Greenmax models at what I now no was a bargin price. I have found some are not product any more and are keen to build them up. The models are 175,176,177,178,201,202,205,206,211, plus a 156. Total 145 units (290) units, so I guess this will keep me out of trouble for some time. I am now trying to see what colour scheme and line they operated on so if any one can help I would be most greatfull.
    I have looked at the hobby store in Japan and think I have worked out the bogies and power units I need.
    Any ways Thinks for the articles and I will be sure to call in often. jim

    Comment by Jimmy | June 14, 2010 | Reply

    • These are all very old unpainted kits.

      156=JNR Iida line – Dark blue with cream window band
      175=JNR – Dark brown
      176= 103 EC 2 car middle set (not in catalogs since early ’90s)
      177= 111 EC 2 car end kit (not in catalogs since early ’90s)
      178= 111 EC 2 car middle kit (not in catalogs since early ’90s)
      201=JNR – Dark brown
      202=JNR Niigata area – Red with cream window band
      205=JNR – Dark green with orange window band
      206=JNR Minobu line – Dark blue with cream window band
      211= ?

      Comment by redracer | June 15, 2010 | Reply

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