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New releases from Tomix

Tomix have just announced their competition to Kato’s Unitram system, as well as a new Wireless controller !!!

At a recent Tomix dealers sales meeting, several interesting new items were announced …

  • N-WL 10-CL Wirelss Controller

This controller consists of a base unit with the power on/off switch, and buttons to control 2 of Tomix’s points. You can also clip onto the side Tomix’s point controller units. The hand-held unit has a rotary speed control with knob handle, three buttons to select forward/off/reverse and another 2 sets of buttons to control the 2 points. You can see a number of photos here …

There are also a couple of videos of it in action …

  • Wide Tram Rail System

As announced back in December (, the Tomix equivalent of Kato’s Unitram system is a lot more flexible and useful. It will come with 3 different radii curves that clip together, so you can have trams running on 1, 2 or 3 tracks – not just limited to double track.

The first items announced are …

  • 91085 – SA-WT Wide Tram Super Mini Rail ‘Endless’ Set
  • 91086 – MA-WT Wide Tram Mini Rail Basic Set
  • 1790 – S70-WT Wide Tram Rail 70mm Straight x2 + 2 joining clips
  • 1791 – S140-WT Wide Tram Rail 140mm Straight x2 + 2 joining clips
  • 1795 – C103-WT Wide Tram Super Mini 103mm Curve (2x 30° & 2x 60°) + 3 joining clips
  • 1796 – C140-WT Wide Tram Mini 140mm Curve (2x 30° & 2x 60°)+ 3 joining clips
  • 1797 – C177-WT Wide Tram Mini 177mm Curve (2x 30° & 2x 60°)+ 3 joining clips
  • 0113 – Road Base Joining Clip x32

The SA-WT set consists of 6x 103mm 60° curves + 2x 140mm straight + 8 clips + a power lead.

The MA-WT set consists of 2x 140mm 60° curves + 2x 140mm 30° curves + 2x 177mm 60° curves + 2x 177mm 30° curves + 2x 140mm straight+ 8 clips + a power lead.


April 18, 2010 - Posted by | Kato, Tomix

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