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More new Kato city buildings (updated)

At the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show, Kato announced a new series of modern city buildings …

These will be larger in both height and footprint to the previous items in the Diotown series (see this post for photos of those items and how I have used and modified them). There will be FOUR new 8 floor buildings, with the bases being around 112 to 124mm square. Like the previous Diotown releases, the floors will be in separate sections, so you can buy addition buildings and use the middle floors to make even higher structures.

The new releases are …

  • 23-436 – 8 floor corner Tenant Building 1 (Sumitomo Mitsui Bank) – Beige (112 x 112mm – 228mm high)
  • 23-437 – 8 floor corner Fashion Building 1 (Marui Department Store) – White(112 x 112mm – 216mm high)
  • 23-438 – 8 floor Brand Building 1 (HMV) – White/green (124 x 112mm – 222mm high)
  • 23-439 – 8 floor Brand Building 2 (Doutor Coffee Co.) – Pink/white (124 x 112mm – 222mm high)

As you can see, they are numbered such that one could assume that there will be future releases in different colours, as has been done with the previous releases.

23-436 has an angular corner section, with nice exposed fire escape stairs at the rear. The front corner has all the windows and has spaces for signs showing the tenants on each floor.

23-437 also has fire escape stairs at the rear and has a rounded front corner. As a department store, it doesn’t have any windows except for one side where the internal stairwell can be seen.

23-348 has clear green-tinted windows covering the whole front of the building, and begs for interior details 🙂

23-439 has long narrow horizontal windows on each floor, except for the top 2 floors where there appears to be a large space for an advertising sign.

They all seem to have a lot of roof-top details like elevator housings, air conditioners, electrical equipment housings etc, with 23-437 even having the tracks and mechanism around the edge for a window washer crane (even though the building hardly has any windows !!!

They are a bit pricey, at Y3,800 each and are all slated for a late June release, so hopefully they will be out before Enoshima’s next exhibition at the end of July. That is IF I can find somewhere to fit them on the layout – I am glad the next layout will be just ALL city 🙂

Here is a picture of them all setup on Kato’s Unitram display layout …

01/06/2010 – Kato have updated their web page (, and there is a nice picture of the 4 buildings here.  I would have hoped that each came with a swag of advertising sign stickers, but the web page says the buildings are pre-painted and have the signage already applied.


May 30, 2010 - Posted by | Kato


  1. […] was what they call the “Broadcast Building”, item 23-436.   Although apparently in Japan its referred to as the “Sumitomo Mitsui Bank”, which I like […]

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  2. Really nice looking buildings! Its great to see Kato not sitting back on past products in this area and keeping the Diotown range fresh!

    Comment by quinntopia | May 31, 2010 | Reply

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