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Enoshima update (updated again)

Here is a summary of the latest changes made to the layout for the Castle Hill show last weekend …

Somebody once said in a model railway forum, “I think the reason that Doug’s layout are so popular is that he isn’t afraid to substantially alter or expand them, so each time you see them they are effectively new layouts.” Well the fact of the matter is not whether I am afraid to make changes or not – it’s a matter of HAVING to make changes due to the amount of new releases that keep coming out 😦

The previous layout “Setagaya” actually doubled in size over it’s lifespan due to wanting/having to fit more buildings on it (as well as a bullet train line), but “Enoshima” is already at it’s size limit due to the allocated space inside the house and the transport trailer, so if something needs to go on the layout, something else has to come OFF !!! This is especially a puzzle when something like the new Kato city buildings were released recently – there are FOUR of them and I think they would have to be the largest of any commercially available Japanese building.

Anyway, here are some photos of the areas on the layout that are different from it’s last outing last year.

1. The ugly half-finished-looking ‘green’ area in the middle of the city was replace with more houses and a bus parking area.




2. The temple area was moved to the hillside at the corner of the Enoden street scene, as per the prototype.



3. Based on 2. above, the ‘hillside’ had to be created 🙂 I moved the mainline tracks back and actually also lowered them, because I wanted the temple to work it’s way up the hill using either 2 or all 3 sections of the Tomytec temple complex, but in the end there wasn’t enough horizontal room, and the vertical room was too great for steps between the levels, so I just used the back section with the front wall and gate cut off the front section.




4. The area previously taken up by the temple became more apartment buildings and a park, and the previous bus parking became more car parking. I wanted the new Aoshima apartment building to be close to the front of the layout so all the extra etched metal details could be seen, so this was the only place it could be squeezed in, and the white Tomix kitbashed L-shaped apartment block had never been on the layout before !!!



5. One piece of the Enoden street trackage was changed from 140mm radius to 177mm, to improve running reliability, and I also put warning stripes all along the sides of the line there, as per the prototype.




6. The ‘fire’ scene was moved from behind the Enoden station, where it was partly hidden, to a more open area further along the street so it could be seen better.



7. The 4 big new Kato buildings were added, which meant the tall bronze Atlas buildings was ‘demolished’. If you haven’t already seen the post, I detailed these buildings quite extensively to improve their out-of-the-box appearance.


After The white curved front building is to the left of the big black one – somehow I didn’t get it in a photo 😦

8. As something I had been planning for a long time, I finally created and applied the ‘Train Warning’ signs that are at both entrances to the street trackage area. In Japanese, the 4 Kanji are ‘DEN’, ‘SHA’, ‘CHUU’, ‘I’.

Believe it or not, most of these changes were all done in the week before just the exhibition !!!

Other than the usual appearance of Godzilla, we also had an ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ 🙂

I am pleased with the way my ‘kitbash’ of the Skynet Apartment building came out, considering that the supplier said “Housing Complex in 1955-1964, there was no elevater, so stairway is equipped in this model. For this reason, it is impossible to make 10 floor buildings with 2 sets.” and “We are afraid, the development staff said that is impossible.”

Another problem was that as the building was to be near the front of the layout, I wanted to use the etched metal upgrade detail kit that gave you replacement window guards, balcony rails, washing etc, so I ordered one of them. Then I found out that even though the building kit lets you make TWO buildings, the upgrade kit only has parts for ONE !!! So I ordered another one, and then found it was DIFFERENT – the manufacturer had changed the contents without telling the supplier, and now the contents were not enough to complete the project (there was one less row of window guards and extra washing details. Just goes to show the way the Japanese mind thinks 😦

Anyway, I think it ended up looking quite good, considering how much all this cost 🙂


July 31, 2010 - Posted by | Enoshima, Greenmax, Kato, Tomix, Tomytec


  1. Is there an email address for KTM – Katsumi Mokeiten – maker of fine quality brass models? If you know it please provide it. Do they speak English? Who is the contact person?

    George Barsky

    Maryland, USA

    Comment by George Barsky | September 14, 2010 | Reply

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