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Tomytec Showa era city buildings

These have finally arrived, and there are some good points and bad points about them …

When originally announced, I expected that a 5 floor building which was advertised as having a top, middle and bottom section, would be able to be made into a taller version, so with 4 middle floors getting 3 kits would let me make one normal size, and combine the other two to make a 9 floor building. See this post for how I envisaged it :-

So as you can see from the Photoshopped mockups, I expected the bottom would be the entrance, the middle would be all the floors with windows, and the top would be the roof section. Now that they have arrived, it seems that the sections are made different to what we expected. The bottom floor is the entrance and 1 floor, the middle is 2 floors, and the top is 1 floor and the roof. So my ‘extra-tall’ version will only be 7 floors, although the plus side is that I can also have a 3 floor smaller version which looks quite good.

Also, the tabs on the middle section of Building A (Office) preclude you from clipping more than one together, so this defeats the purpose of making them sectional – a little cutting will have to be done 😦

Building B (Mansion) goes together a lot easier, although all the wall sections will have to be glued together.

Two other problems with building A are that the taller section of the roof at the front corner is larger than any of the pictures on the box, and as such stops you from seeing half the advertising billboard if you choose to place it on the rooftop. ALSO this advertising billboard is too large to allow you to fit the stairs that allow access to the roof from the elevator shaft !!!

Here is the two buildings as they are supposed to be made …

Here is the taller version (please note they are just clipped together, as you can see the middle of Building A does not fit together, and I did not add all the balconies to Building B) …

Here is the shorter version …

Both have been ‘weathered’, but it looks like someone wiped a dirty finger across the walls. Building A is a glittery silver colour, which doesn’t look very natural either. I think I will leave the tall versions as they are and paint the shorter one. The window sections don’t come out either , so they will have to be masked first.

Assuming that something like Building A would have internal stairs or an elevator, you could leave the external stair/elevator shaft off for variety, but you can’t do what with Building B, as it is the only way to access the apartments via the doors on the rear balconies. Also one of the rear balconies on Building B has a large over-spray on the outside edge 😦


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