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Tomytec Showa era buildings A & B

Here is what I have done so far with these two buildings …

Building A

Going on from my previous preview (, I painted the shortest version of this office-type building with Model Master 2909 ‘Light Ivory’, but it was a pain masking the window sections before spraying. I decided to use the ‘Hotel Sunny’ signs from Building C (which I did not purchase). The roof sign is not glued on but will go on whatever side looks best once it is positioned on a layout. This building is two floors shorter than the standard size, as I used the extra floors to make a taller version. Pretty much standard, except that I added a Chinese Restaurant around the corner from the Hotel entrance.

The taller version I left the ‘un-natural’ silver colour. Because the bottom, middle and top floors clip together, modification was need to make 2 sets of middle floors join seamlessly. I also added lots of signs from Greenmax & Kato buildings.

Rather than just use the standard size building as it was, I decided to get another one and use them side-by-side. Originally I was going to put the stairwell assembly between the two, but that didn’t look quite right, so I decided to leave it off as this building will have internal stairs 🙂

I painted them both Tamiya AS-5 ‘Light Blue (Luftwaffe)’ and cut off the sides that are supposed to butt up against the stairwell so that they would join together flush. I didn’t just want to use the ground floor entrances in two places, so a little bit of cutting and the addition of a stair entrance makes for an interesting corner. Even though this looks like an all-round building, the ‘back’ will probably not been seen on a layout, so I left it plain. Once again I added lots of signs from Greenmax & Kato buildings.

This is a comparison of the three sizes.

Building B

This apartment-type building would be a real pain to repaint, so I decided to do just alterations instead.

I decided to make the shorter version wider, so it was just a matter of leaving the sides off one of them and butting the two together.  A Greenmax awning makes the side-by-side shops look a little different. I also added a roof-top shrine – a common site in Japanese cities.

The taller version is also pretty much standard, with just some extra details added.

All buildings have had the addition of Kato, Greenmax and other roof-top details. As you can see, it is possible to get some realistic taller buildings than are commercially offered without spending a fortune and buying a godzillion kits and making them as tall (and unnatural looking) as possible 🙂


December 9, 2010 - Posted by | Enoshima, Tomytec

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