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Kato Diotown 23-433 & 23-434 building kitbashes

Here are some kitbashes I just completed on these 2 Kato city buildings …

Both of them were taken off the ‘Enoshima‘ layout, and had been used as tall background buildings to fill in space. I wanted them to look more realistic and add more details. The only problem is that I will now need to re-arrange the buildings now to fill in the empty lots for the layout’s last 2 exhibitions 🙂

Both of these had been made from 2 buildings added on top of each other for extra height. However I decided that a more realistic building could be made by putting them side-to-side.

Here you can see the original buildings …

The double height 23-433 – this one had some detail applied to the lower floors as at one stage a smaller version used to sit near the front of the layout on ‘Setagaya‘.

The double height 23-434 – this one had no details applied at all and was positioned at the back corner of the city section.

DIOTOWN 23-433

As originally a corner building, I figured that this could be made into a U-shaped kind of building. Unfortunately, even though the base of the building is square (81x81mm), the building itself is slightly larger one way than the other. So even though I matched up the front edges, there is a slight discrepancy at the back. However this will not be seen from the front of the layout, and I don’t consider it a problem.

This is the original mock-up after cutting the base, to see how the building would look. I also repainted this from the light blue to a gray colour.

Here you can see how I had to shave off the pipe and vent details that were molded on the wall, so that they could smoothly join together.

Here you can see the slight offset at the back – but it is only 5.5 mm.

The front of the ‘U’ – I added lots of window advertising, mostly from this and other Kato buildings. It is important to put signs in the right places and match them up with the door/window details, as well as with the vertical advertising sign on the building front. In this case, the whole 3rd & 4th floors are taken up by Game & Billiards outlets respectively, but the other floors have a mixture of tenants. The ground floor has a number of drinking & eating establishments.

One side of the ‘U.

The other side of the ‘U’.

The back of the building.

I believe roof details are very important, so I have used extra parts from various Kato, Tomy & Greenmax building kits.

DIOTOWN 23-434

Also a corner building, and like the 23-433 building, this one is also not quite square, even though the base is the same size. In this case I butted together two of the different length sides so that the two different corner ‘fronts’ would be at the front, and this makes a slight offset at the front AND the rear of the building.

I think it’s very hard to see the offset if you look directly at the front (hint: the RH section is around 3mm further back than the LH section). Signs have been added to the windows, as well as details added from other Kato & Greenmax kits.

The other 3 sides. As not much of these will be seen, I did not add many details. However I think it is important to add colour to the various pipes, vents etc that are just molded on the walls. I use Gundam marker pens to easily make these items stand out.

An awning was added from another Kato kit, and you can see a vending machine inside the entrance.

Once again for roof details I used extra parts from various Kato, Tomy & Greenmax building kits.

This is the other building I made with this kit and it got an extra floor section, so that is why this new one has an uneven number of floors.

In the future I may fix up the bases of both of these (which had to be cut so that the buildings could butt up against each other), as well as paint the tiled entrance floors.


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