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Here is a list of the DVD reviews that have been posted – just click on the link to open the review in a new window.

See the Archives page for a list of reviews done before 2007.

  Review Index



The following reviews are found in the ‘Japanese Model Train News’ Yahoo! group’s mail archive section, on the date listed.
03/01/2004 Sony – Highvision Shonan Shinjuku Line – A cab ride in an E231 set on this line from Kozu to Omiya, as well as information on the E231 trains.
30/01/2004 Teichiku Records – JR 500 – Comprehensive information (including English narration) of the JR West 500 series Shinkansen, including a multi angle cab ride from Kobe to Okayama.
22/02/2004 Vicom – Shinkansen Electric Train – Comprehensive selection of segments from this companies regular railway news releases, covering all the Shinkansen types running today, as well as footage of several services now sadly just a memory.
The following reviews are found in the ‘Japanese Model Train Newsletter’ issue as listed.
Vol. 1-No. 08 Color Tec – Enoden Roman Kido – A compilation of articles covering various interesting aspects of the Enoshima Electric Railway.
Vol. 1-No. 16 Sony – Highvision Hayate – A cab ride on the Tohoku Shinkansen in an E2 set all the way from Hachinoe to Tokyo.
Vol. 1-No. 20 Koala Books – Multi-drivers view – Enoden – A multi angle cab ride on the Enoshima Electric Railway, and more …
Vol. 2-No. 03 Teichiku Records – Saikyo line & Rinkai line – A cab ride along the Rinkai / Saikyo & Kawagoe lines from Shin Kiba to Kawagoe, as well as information on the Rinkai 70-000 and JR 205 car sets, as well as other trains that use these lines.
Vol. 2-No. 07 Vicom – Kanto Express – run bys of all the major express trains run by JR East and the major private railways in the greater Tokyo area.
Vol. 2-No. 08 Sony – Highvision Yamanote Line – A cab ride clockwise around Tokyo’s Yamanote line, along with other information about it.
Vol. 2-No. 09 Teichiku Records – Musashino & Keiyo line – A cab ride in a 103 set along these lines from Fuchu-honmachi to Tokyo, as well as information on the 103 and 205 car sets, and other trains that use these lines.
Vol. 2-No. 10 Teichiku Records – Osaka Loop line & JR Yumesaki line – A cab ride in a 103 set along these lines in both directions.
Vol. 2-No. 14 Teichiku Records – JR Keiyo, Uchibo & Soboto lines – Cab rides on the new E257 Sazanami amd Wakashio services.
Vol. 2-No. 16 Highball Productions – Tokyo’s Colorful Trains – A brief look at various trains in the Tokyo area from a non-Japanese perspective (in
Vol. 2-No. 19 Vicom – Kiesarishi Resshatachi – covers all the trains that are not running anymore today.
Vol. 2-No. 20 Vicom / Nippon Sharyo – Odakyu Super Express 50000 Romance Car VSE – Details on Odakyu’s Romance Car fleet and the building of the new VSE50000 model. Also has 2 cab rides.
Vol. 2-No. 21 Vicom – JR Freight Train Parade – a comprehensive lineup of freight trains from all parts of Japan.
Vol. 2-No. 22 Vicom / Nippon Sharyo – Doctor Yellow – covers the T2, T3, T4 & T5 sets and includes cab rides, construction, and full interior details.
Vol. 2-No. 23 Sony – Ressha Classics Yamagata Shinkansen – a cab ride on the Yamagata Shinkansen from Yamagata to Fukushima.
Vol. 3-No. 01 Teichiku Records – 185 Express ‘Kusatsu’ – Ueno to Manza Kazawaguchi – Scenic cab ride along the Takasaki, Joetsu and Agatsuma lines.
Vol. 3-No. 03 Teichiku Records – Hankyu Densha – 2 volumes that cover all the Hankyu lines running out of Osaka’s Umeda terminal.
Vol. 3-No. 05 Toho – Densha Otaku – a Japanese train oriented love story movie.
Vol. 3-No. 06 Sony – Chuo line – a cab ride in an E257 from Shinjuku to Kofu.Teichiku Records – Sobu line – a cab ride on an E231 set from Chiba to Mitaka.
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